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A new start

Journey along with me as I lose 100 more pounds in the next year.

Highest weight ~345
Lowest recent dieting weight 263
Current weight 271
Goal weight 170

I have a goal…to lose 101 lbs by December 1, 2010 (or sooner) if possible.  Hence the name Fat Free Me 12/10 ; )

I started on yet another a weight loss journey 2 years ago at 320.  But before that I had been at an all time high of somewhere around 345 (my guess).  I started LA Weight Loss at 332, got to 270 and then ballooned first to 293 then back up to 320.  When I started to think I needed surgery, I ended up pursuing the only other thing I had not yet tried–joining a gym.  I hired a personal trainer and with exercise have become awesomely fit (there’s a reason I’m a size 14/16 at this weight) and lost the weight I did lose.

But I’ve lost my mojo and it’s time for a new start.  I have been journaling in a notebook responses to questions Bob Harper poses in his book “Are You Ready…”  I have been replanning my diet approach.  I have been assessing my problem areas.  I have even ordered a BodyBugg set to arrive this week.  The one thing I don’t have to get in order is my training.  I train with an awesome trainer and have been with her for a year and a half.  (K is young, 21, and I often remind her that I’m twice her age trying to be her.  I so admire how she naturally is adept at all things physical.  I admire her courage and ability.)

My goal? A realistic 170 (a possible 145).  But it’s more than just the pounds. I’ll get to that shortly in a post about my motivation.  Deserves it’s own post, don’tcha think?

(A word about my goal weight.  I am extremely muscular, so while the charts might suggest 145-150 at my height, I am allowing for the natural inclination based on my muscularity to determine my goal.  We’ll see what happens the closer I get to the number.)