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Last session with my trainer

Hard to let her go, but time.  My heart breaks a little, but must embrace what comes next.


Legs and shoulders

  • Squat with 30lb dumbbells, feet raised on half cushion
  • Side lunge arm down to opposite leg, drag foot in, each side
  • On toes, lunge forward, arms in the air bend forward, stay on toes, next leg (struggle, needs improvement)
  • Squat with ball catch, heavy black ball


  • 10lb dumbbells, front raise, side raise
  • seated freemotion machine, sitting forward should raise
  • freemotion tricep machine, raise elbows high
  • 10lb dumbbells, raise up row out

Thinking it’s time I get certified.

Did I just write that?


Tuesday session

  • squat with 25lb  and press up at center of body overhead
  • holding 25lb slide side lunge side to side
  • overhead with 90 on squat machine
  • single leg squat on bench with toe raise
  • squat and riase/swing medicine ball
  • alternating lunge walk back with medicine ball

15 m swim

10 m interval elliptical

Thursday and Friday

Thursday did Chest session solo.  Friday, did my trainer’s boot camp.