Thursday session

Legs, 3/15

  • Small box, single leg squats, each side
  • Side lunge with 20lb bicep curl, each side
  • Freemotion, squat with overhead press
  • plie squats with 85lb dumbbell
  • single leg press with 2 45lb plates
  • 2 25lb plates, squat and swing, fast

Biceps, Triceps, Abs 3/12

  • half curls low, hold
  • half curls high, hold, 15lbs
  • hammer curls, hold, 15lbs
  • bent over flies, 15lbs
  • skullcrushers with 30lbs
  • straight leg sit ups with 30lbs
  • vleg sit ups with 1 10lb dumbbell, each side
  • vsit situps

30m elliptical


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