SMART plan

So, I’ve been looking at my plan from a business perspective and here’s what’s on my mind.

One can evaluate a business goal by the SMART acronym. So I’ve been evaluating…and am suggesting we all ask ourself, is my approach:


For me, it is:
Specific: diet planned within expectation of output/input and carb limit
Measureable: evaluated against weekly/monthly goals
Attainable: I’ve set my goals so they are appropriate to my frame and body
Reasonable: I’ve set my diet and exercise in a way that works for me and my lifestyle
Timebound: I have a goal of final weight loss in <1 year

My specifics:
My weight fluctuates around 270. My goal weight is 160 for a loss of 110lbs.
My activity burn is approximately 600-1000 day 5x a week
My AMR is 3100+ 5x a week and 2200 2x a week
My intake is 1500-1900 daily
My carb limit is <15g
My weekly deficit is 12,800 calories which approximates a loss of 3.6lbs a week, which translates into 8 months time
I allow for a 4 month flexibility in achieving this goal.
I’ve scheduled my weekly activities with 2 days rest included.
I’ve planned a convenience menu, a clean foods menu, and a shopping list with some flexibility, but contained intake and carbs.

So, my goal is that between November 2010 and March 2011 I will achieve my goal.

The only thing getting in my way is medical weight loss resistance which doesn’t seem to have an answer. But I’ll keep plugging away. Tenacious is my middle name ; ).

My plan:

Breakfast 2 eggs with 2oz cheese, coffee w/HC, SnL (450c, 3.6 carbs)

Lunch  2c lettuce, 4oz protein (250-450c, 2 carbs)

Dinner 1c veggie, 4oz protein (250-450c, 1 carb)

Base intake of 950/6carbs

Add either double the protein (+500-900c) for a clean intake and total of 1850 calories 6 carbs or convenience foods 3x (450) for total of 1400 calories 9-13 carbs


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