Diet restart

I reread DANDR (2002) and just finally got through Chapter 11 and so as of today re-embark on [I][B]True [/B][/I]Atkins. Of course, not until after I had a blizzard cheat last week, but this will help me kick off that water weight gain.

Rereading it, I found I’ve been overconsuming cheese (I knew that), vegetables (I took an unlimited apporach to them), sweetener (in the form of packets [I]and[/I] diet drinks, and had been doing nuts (not Induction friendly). The only thing I feel I cannot change this go round is avoiding caffeine. I sleep too little, so I need it. If in two weeks I find weight loss slow, I’ll consider changing it, but cannot, will not just yet.

I’ve created for myself a little table that I will use to tally my carbs and whether I’m following the plan accurately or not. It’s as simple as the list of food objectives, starting and end weight for the week, and for each day, a column for protein, salad greens, other veggies, cheese, fat, optional additional fat, prepared foods (Atkins), sweetener, and water.

I am not going to weigh myself in between (oh, that’s hard) and the scale is going in the closet until next Sunday. I’m also not going to go nuts counting calories, though I will measure my foods. Exercise will continue with my current modified plan (yeah, no more 12 hours a week!). Cardio (daily 30-60 minutes) Strength (3-4x a week, 60 minutes) Swimming (3-4x a week, 30 minutes) Yoga (1x a week, 60 minutes)

First day intake:

 B: 3 egg omelette with 2 oz swiss cheese, 1 tomato (1.8, 2, 3.2)

S: egg salad (mayo, mustard) (~1.4)

 L: 2c lettuce, olive oil, red wine vinegar, roasted chicken with skin (.8)

S: prosciutto, 15 olives, basil (.5, 3.2)

D: TGIF wings (6c)

Water: so far, 40oz

TOTAL 18.9 c


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