Down again

So, I cut my carbs.  Even at ~20-30g, I was craving though not cheating and not losing.  I was eating about 1900-2300c.  The 2300c could be what was in my way, of course, however, I burn 2700-3300c a day, so I should have seen a loss in that space.  

I don’t know what made me do it…wait, I do, I was not having time to cook, so my meals ended up being proteins and fats and what happened?  At about the same calories, sometimes less, I lost.  And I felt better.  Quickly my jeans were getting too big, I was getting by on less sleep (even when I had a terrible night that got me only 3 hours sleep), but more importantly, I felt in control and not obsessed with food.

This week I went from 271 to 265.  And that was only in 3 or 4 days.  I swear, if I see 260 in the next two weeks, I feel I will know what my body is telling me.  I am sure this is NOT water weight because I lost that in January.

Something else snapped into place inside me.  A poster on a message board I visited once said she did Atkins by the book as a test to prove him wrong and after two weeks, she was a convert.  I decided to reread DANDR and do the same thing. 

I’m only in a few chapters, but there are some things I’m getting out of it that I didn’t when I read it maybe 10-15 years ago.  I couldn’t find that book on my shelves, so I bought for <$5 with shipping DANDR 2002 which was true to 1992 just with added case studies and scientific research.  It was still written by Dr. Atkins and not by his company that would come, I believe, to distort his vision.

What have I gleaned so far?  Mostly a recognition of myself and a burgeoning recommitment to doing it by the book….


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