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Diet restart

I reread DANDR (2002) and just finally got through Chapter 11 and so as of today re-embark on [I][B]True [/B][/I]Atkins. Of course, not until after I had a blizzard cheat last week, but this will help me kick off that water weight gain.

Rereading it, I found I’ve been overconsuming cheese (I knew that), vegetables (I took an unlimited apporach to them), sweetener (in the form of packets [I]and[/I] diet drinks, and had been doing nuts (not Induction friendly). The only thing I feel I cannot change this go round is avoiding caffeine. I sleep too little, so I need it. If in two weeks I find weight loss slow, I’ll consider changing it, but cannot, will not just yet.

I’ve created for myself a little table that I will use to tally my carbs and whether I’m following the plan accurately or not. It’s as simple as the list of food objectives, starting and end weight for the week, and for each day, a column for protein, salad greens, other veggies, cheese, fat, optional additional fat, prepared foods (Atkins), sweetener, and water.

I am not going to weigh myself in between (oh, that’s hard) and the scale is going in the closet until next Sunday. I’m also not going to go nuts counting calories, though I will measure my foods. Exercise will continue with my current modified plan (yeah, no more 12 hours a week!). Cardio (daily 30-60 minutes) Strength (3-4x a week, 60 minutes) Swimming (3-4x a week, 30 minutes) Yoga (1x a week, 60 minutes)

First day intake:

 B: 3 egg omelette with 2 oz swiss cheese, 1 tomato (1.8, 2, 3.2)

S: egg salad (mayo, mustard) (~1.4)

 L: 2c lettuce, olive oil, red wine vinegar, roasted chicken with skin (.8)

S: prosciutto, 15 olives, basil (.5, 3.2)

D: TGIF wings (6c)

Water: so far, 40oz

TOTAL 18.9 c


Thursday Session

Only got a half hour with my trainer, so we boxed.  Believe me, you can get a lot out of that kind of half hour!

Unfortunately, haven’t been to the gym since due to snow and haven’t worked out since due to shoveling.  A foot of snow will truly wreck your back.

So, been reading Atkins 2002 DANDR.  Going to do my best to really live it.

B: 3 egg omelette, 2oz swiss cheese, 1 plum tomato, 2c coffee with 1.5 SnL, 1tbsp HC

Tuesday session

  • Pushups to failure
  • I’m forgetting two exercises here
  • Freemotion cable, arms high and wide, sitting on stability ball, straight arm flies
  • Incline bench presses
  • Lying down on bench, overhead tricep extensions into chest press with 35lb dumbbell
  • Standing overhead tricep extensions with 25lb plate
  • Straight leg sitting up, bodybar 18lb, hands close, tricep extension into upright row

Down again

So, I cut my carbs.  Even at ~20-30g, I was craving though not cheating and not losing.  I was eating about 1900-2300c.  The 2300c could be what was in my way, of course, however, I burn 2700-3300c a day, so I should have seen a loss in that space.  

I don’t know what made me do it…wait, I do, I was not having time to cook, so my meals ended up being proteins and fats and what happened?  At about the same calories, sometimes less, I lost.  And I felt better.  Quickly my jeans were getting too big, I was getting by on less sleep (even when I had a terrible night that got me only 3 hours sleep), but more importantly, I felt in control and not obsessed with food.

This week I went from 271 to 265.  And that was only in 3 or 4 days.  I swear, if I see 260 in the next two weeks, I feel I will know what my body is telling me.  I am sure this is NOT water weight because I lost that in January.

Something else snapped into place inside me.  A poster on a message board I visited once said she did Atkins by the book as a test to prove him wrong and after two weeks, she was a convert.  I decided to reread DANDR and do the same thing. 

I’m only in a few chapters, but there are some things I’m getting out of it that I didn’t when I read it maybe 10-15 years ago.  I couldn’t find that book on my shelves, so I bought for <$5 with shipping DANDR 2002 which was true to 1992 just with added case studies and scientific research.  It was still written by Dr. Atkins and not by his company that would come, I believe, to distort his vision.

What have I gleaned so far?  Mostly a recognition of myself and a burgeoning recommitment to doing it by the book….

Thursday Session

  • 12lb dumbbells, raise forward and side, don’t rock
  • Full pushups on two medicine balls into modified for deeper
  • cable machine high cross overs, 45lbs
  • tricep extension 10lb overhead front and back
  • laying down tricep extension backward
  • v-sit knees in then straight
  • full body tucks
  • bicycles


Trainer not able to schedule.   Did a repeat.

30m elliptical

2 sets 12

  • Squat with Olympic press (40lbs?)
  • Lunge over barbell, knee grazing weight, tap forward, lunge back, each side
  • Squat with overhead press 90lbs (machine)
  • Stepper with 2 levels raised, cross over with pivot, each side
  • Side lunge with drag in, each side


20 minute hill intervals on treadmill

20 minutes stairmaster

20 minutes bicycling

down to 266.2

Chest and Shoulders Session

3 sets 10-15 reps

  • Plank rows with 12lb dumbbells
  • Chest flies on 2 stability balls, in modified position
  • Pushups on 2 different size medicine ball (failure into modified)
  • Modified pushups with hands at extended reach
  • Stability ball with feet on wall, back hyperextended, 12lb dumbbell chest flies
  • Supermans with 12lb bodybar pushouts
  • 12lb bodybar kayaking with bicycle kicks
  • Leg lifts
  • Full body tucks

10 minute elliptical

1/3 mile 30m swim, breaststroke

A Hiccup In The Road

I am trying to be nice to myself and not slap myself silly over this weekend.

Saturday started great…I was all low carb and ready for it.  Then a friend and I met up for lunch and I lost all will.  I tried…I had ordered a vegetable Napolean which was nice, but too light, and gave in first to the fried calimari and then to the entire bread basket, and then a flourless chocolate torte.  5 hours of converstaion later, on the way home, I gave in to a binge and ate sushi for dinner, followed by several pastries. 

I reaped the expected water gain and hit 272 today, which, back on LC will be gone in a day or two.

More important than that up and down is…what am I doing and why?  I constantly do this.  Everytime I get to the mid 260s, I binge and lose the ground I gained.  And then I recommit and have to break the habits.  How many times do I have to do this until I get it????

Today my trainer and I were talking about that friend.  She trained with her briefly and is concerned for her health.  The friend is about 300lbs, apple shaped, I believe insulin resistant, work aholic, and never gets to the gym.  Recently, she was hospitalized for severe anemia.  My trainer asked if she has lost weight–she sees her weight as life-threatening.  No, not to my eye, she hasn’t.  We briefly talked about how many calories it takes to maintain her weight.  I said I guestimated 3000.  “Do you know how much food that is?”

Yeah, I do…from experience.  Binge days, that’s easy.

But to me, my head still sees <1700 as so little food.  Why can’t I overcome that?

Legs Day

20 m elliptical warm up

I feel like I did an awful job today.  Struggled with every move.


  • 2/20lb dumbbells held at shoulders, squat then back lunge, each side (remember to reach further out, stay on toe, and go deep)
  • 12lb bodybar held overhead, side lunge, each side
  • step up box with 10lb dumbbells, left out at the side, each leg


  • full body tucks
  • leg lifts
  • russian twists with med ball