Good start to the new year

Back on low carb, down to 270.6 (4lbs) and set goal of caloric burn of 1000/day for 4lb weekly loss, 100 lbs by June. Intense and maybe not achievable, but soft goal is 100 lbs by Xmas, so it’s okay whatever happens.

Session today:
3 sets, 10-15 reps
-woodchops with med ball (heaviest) each side
-standing, hammer curls into overhead press
-lunge position, bent over rows, 25lbs, each side
-standing with cage bar, upright rows into overhead press (45lbs)
-stability ball walkouts
-small stability ball chest flies w/12 lbs
-18lb body bar full body crunches
-18lb body bar v-sit kayaking
40 minute cardio, elliptical


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