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20 m elliptical

3 sets 15/20 into 4th set with just shoulders and abs

  • upright row into overhead press with 2 15lb dumbbells
  • cable kneeling pull down with hand twist inward 40/35/30
  • Bent over row of 65lb dumbbell with rope
  • Chest press machine with 35
  • Overhead pulldown machine
  • Chest fly into overhead press with 2/15lb dumbbelss
  • Medicine ball Russian twists with overhead throw
  • Leg lifts
  • Knee tucks

Status Update

So, how am I doing since I recommitted to low carb 12/31?

I started then at 276.6 (I think I even saw a high of 278) and today am 268.  I’ve flirted with 266.6, but I’ll have to claim 268 as that’s where the scale is currently most familiar ; ).

So, for nearly 4 weeks, that’s a loss of 8.6, or a 2lb/week average.  I’ve struggled a bit, made some poor choices with sweets around TOM.  I admit…I basically ate a ton of ReadiWhip with berries and while low carb, it has HFCS and a serving amount is small, not the whole can.  And some days due to cheese usually, I ate my way beyond my desired 1650 calories.  Plus, I had one dinner out that while I asked for no breading (seafood), I did not get my request and didn’t fight it ; /.  Then this week I slipped and had some candy from my coworkers bowl.  I know exactly why I did this–I hadn’t had solid sleep and was seeking a carb high for energy.  That lack of sleep was due to my dog and is something I’m desperately trying to turn around, but it’s been going on 5 months now and I’m at a loss.

But I digress.  So, in Month 1, I have truly come to recommit and believe that I must low carb to lose weight.  I also firmly believe I must really do it by the book (ordered DANDR online as I can’t find my copy), and must be consistent.  I know my triggers (TOM, stress, exhaustion) and must be prepared to handle them, be at the ready for when they come.  Time has been tight though and preparation is an unfortunate challenge.  I already spend 1 day a week cooking like a mad woman. 

I just so don’t have free time.  Life is a desperate cry for sleep, a 2.5 hour commute r/t daily.  Getting ot the gym these days 3-4x a week is what i’ve been able to muster.  Yesterday, my trainer was a little vocal–“No more kidding around”, she said, referring to my downgrading from 6 days a week to 4 at the gym the last few months.  But I don’t think she’s really hearing me about my level of exhaustion.  This came upon me when I turned 40 in August and hit me so hard.  I must sleep and am doing what I can to get it and stay afloat.  I intend to schedule my physical this week and get bloodwork done so we can see if there’s a reason behind my dog-caused insomnia for my lack of energy.

So to wrap up, I take this month as more lessons on my journey:

  • Find alternatives to sweets
  • Be prepared
  • Count carbs and calories
  • Measure, measure, measure
  • Strive for 5 days exercise/week
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Lessons are part of the journey
  • All losses count
  • Maintaining losses help define success
  • Focus on big picture averages, not small perspective lack of losses
  • Just do the do and stop obsessing about it


  • Squat with Olympic press (40lbs?)
  • Lunge over barbell, knee grazing weight, tap forward, lunge back, each side
  • Squat with overhead press 90lbs (machine)
  • Stepper with 2 levels raised, cross over with pivot, each side
  • Side lunge with drag in, each side

30 m elliptical


Sunday 1/24 Session

Chest, Shoulders, and Abs

So tough, I almost cried from fatigue…

  • offset full pushups into modified once fatigued (both sides for hands)
  • stability ball, 18lb bodybar, wide grip, raise back and then to hips slowly
  • incline chest press 2/25lb dumbbells (later done with a stability ball as someone was using the bench)
  • flat bench press 2/25lb dumbbells
  • seated on bench, 12.5 dumbbells, elbow raise to the side bent over, shoulder/elbow raise sitting striaght up, hammer curls
  • full body tucks
  • straight leg raises

30 minutes elliptical


Friday 1/22

Revisited 1/15

2 sets/12 reps

  • lunge front then back, raising 10lb kettleball, each side
  • squat, Olympic overhead press, each side
  • Squat raci with 70 lbs added
  • Single leg squat, pulling cable rack, each side (couldn’t do due to injury acting up)
  • Pronated toe leg riase on side using bodybar
  • Laying on back, lifting bodybar, one leg bent

30 minute swim/breasstroke

15 minute elliptical warmup


Friday session 1/14

3 sets

  • lunge front then back, raising 10lb kettleball, each side
  • squat, Olympic overhead press, each side
  • Squat raci with 70 lbs added
  • Single leg squat, pulling cable rack, each side (couldn’t do due to injury acting up)
  • Pronated toe leg riase on side using bodybar
  • Laying on back, lifting bodybar, one leg bent


Sunday, boxing. Followed by abs with full body vsit crunches into bicycles into knee drives x3.  As I was worn out, K was disappointed in my responsiveness and said I need to increase my sense of urgency.  Only thing my body thought was urgent was stopping.

Tuesday, arms and abs


  • Plank formation, 20lb twist and row, make sure on toes and pressing forward
  • Single leg bent over row
  • Freemotion, crossover, facing machine, arms low, cross and bicep pull
  • Seated on ground, legs straight out, overhead press 15lb dumbbells
  • Seated on stability ball, table formation, raising bodybar overhead and forward
  • Seated rows at cable machine
  • Bicep curl, full, elbows on ribs
  • Hammer curl, elbows on ribs

Kettlebell Training

I wasn’t expecting this for the session.  Last few times of kettlebells  have been leaving me DEAD.  This was no exception.

3 sets

-Lunge with one small held overhead, one heavy at hip, each side

-Squat with raise and pull back, heavy

-Squat and pivot with swing

-modified pushups with full body row, each side

-sit ups with overhead press


Legs Day

Legs 3/15
-Holding 30lb barbell overhead, squat
-Front, back, side lunge with barbell behind head, each side
-With feet close together, olympic snap barbell
-Pronated toe, side leg lifts, each side

Abs 3/10 consectuive
-Leg lifts with shoulder blades raised
-Knee drives with shoulder blades raised



30m elliptical
30m swim (breaststroke) 1/3 mile


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