Leg Session Kicked My Butt

My hip is sooo weak. Damn this issue (patella femoral syndrome (knee) which created a weak gluteus medius). I tried so hard, yet K still felt I gave up early on anything hip related.* Ok, must practice and push harder.

10 minute elliptical interval warmup
-single leg squats/lunges with foot on box, holding 20lb weight, each side
-Plie squat with dumbbell, propelling forward, then back ward, each side
-Side lunge, with dumbbell weight, drag foot in, each side
-Lunge on ground into stand up, raising 10-20lb kettleball, each side*
2 sets 20 reps/30-45 sec
-Single leg raise as I crunch up, alternating sides
-Plank (keep arms more in a box shape)


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