Optimizing the “Tool”

So, I’m better seeing the reality of overeating and how “normal” it can feel.   And I’m better seeing my emotional eating. 

I failed yesterday and gave into emotional eating.  After a stressful day, I couldn’t bear cooking and just wanted to treat myself. I ate 3 pieces of very combination pizzas.  I accept it.  I will have to burn to catch up on my deficit.

So the lesson today though is optimizing the use of this tool, my BodyBugg.  This morning, I slept in due to a bad night, cooked breakfast (2 eggs, 2 pieces rye, eliminating the extra calories from the tortilla and mayo I had the day before (egg salad sandwich is great for convenience when on the road at 430am).  And so, after a morning snack I’ve taken in about 650 calories before lunch and burned 1092, so I see my additional 400 calorie burn to my 1000 deficit if I stick to 1700 calories.

I worry about becoming obsessive over the food details, and thereby indulging in my self criticism (which my personal trainers over the years have helped me recognize and I’ve been working to change).  But I’ll just have to find a balance.


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