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Today’s Session

-Olympic overhead press w/20lb dumbbells, alternating sides
-lying down on ground, legs in the air, chest presses with turn of dumbbells, 30 each
-Medicine ball throw down with lunge in movement of throw
-Offset medicine ball plank with knee drives (tough, so instead did double dumbbell plank with knee drives)
-Freemotion, chest fly, facing away, arms bent
-Tricep lying down on bench, arms straight up, bend toward shoulder, keeping elbow stabilized
-Military jumping jacks (half then full)
-Pushups (make sure hands are further back)
10 minute treadmill warmup
10 minute elliptical cool down


Struggling and Yet Another Restart

I took a work from home day yesterday JUST to be away from the holiday junk food. Isn’t that awful, that I have had such weak will? From emotional eating to work stress, to giving in time and again to temptation, I’m up to 274.6.

But I’ve had enough. I am going to refer to my BodyBugg and know my numbers. I’m going to turn a blind eye to temptation. Even moments ago, I ignored the candy bowl at my friend’s desk (I usually give in to Laffy Taffy with 4-5 pieces later with 100-130 calories). Knowing my BB numbers makes me all the more aware that that 130 calories adds up. I mean I only worked off about 700 calories in exercise. Why take that back by taking in more calories? Why waste my time and money?

I remind myself this is a journey, full of lessons and in the weeks of having the BB I’ve at the least become more aware.

Leg Session Kicked My Butt

My hip is sooo weak. Damn this issue (patella femoral syndrome (knee) which created a weak gluteus medius). I tried so hard, yet K still felt I gave up early on anything hip related.* Ok, must practice and push harder.

10 minute elliptical interval warmup
-single leg squats/lunges with foot on box, holding 20lb weight, each side
-Plie squat with dumbbell, propelling forward, then back ward, each side
-Side lunge, with dumbbell weight, drag foot in, each side
-Lunge on ground into stand up, raising 10-20lb kettleball, each side*
2 sets 20 reps/30-45 sec
-Single leg raise as I crunch up, alternating sides
-Plank (keep arms more in a box shape)

Today’s Session

Explosive Routine
-explosive chest presses (60lb barbell)
-explosive overhead shoulder press with 15 lb dumbbells
-explosive modified pushups
-sitting on stability ball in table position, explosive medicine ball throw ups
-standing medicine ball throw downs

Fast Abs
-Full body crunches with feet never being lowered

Today’s Session

Warmed up with interval running up hill, 15min

3 sets

-single leg lunges with box and bodybar into toe raise
-side lunges with 20lb dumbbells
-in plank on dumbbells jump out and in staying in plank
-walking squats staying low, each side
-stability ball bridges

-ball exchanges
-vsit w/russian twist tossing stability ball

The Verdict Is In

I love my BodyBugg.

First real week:  I lost 4 lbs.

 Can I get a Woop Woop?


Warm up, ran intervals, only had time for 8 minutes.

3 sets 10/15/20

  • Body bar, squats into Olympic presses and stand
  • 2 25/lb plates squats into front lunges, each side
  • 12lb dumbbell, reach down into side lunge and stand up and tuck knee to opposite side
  • Stability ball, straight leg bridges into knee tucks

Swam 1/3 mile.

Really Fighting Hunger

It seems that my natural inclination on a diet is about 2100 calories (and yes, now I can see how I was exceeding to about 2700, which explains my weight).

I think I may only lose 1 lb this week…I thought I saw .5 this morning, but it was pre-coffee, so who knows what that was ; ).

I know I will have to look at my reality and judge what I can do differently.  I can’t run more to burn better (too hard on my knees to do more than 1-2x a week).  But I can change certain food choices to cut calories.  We’ll see.

Meantime, it’s 4:30, work is over in 30 minutes, I have an hour drive home, and in spite of indulging in crackers and peanut butter…I am hungry.

Today’s Training

Chest and Shoulders, Hard As Hell

  • bodybar on bosu pushups with knee tucks
  • benchpress with 20lbs, close, wide, wider in succession
  • cables, high @3, stand straight and press down and meet in the middle
  • machine chest press with 10, 15, 20 (fatigue, then add, and add)
  • 18lb bodybar, front to back overhead press right into…
  • overhead, down one side, then the other

warmed up with 10min walk 2.5/3.o (body was stiff)

20 m elliptical at 10/1, 5, 10, 15, 10, 5, 1

Struggling keeping my calories to 1700.  Averaging 2100.

Optimizing the “Tool”

So, I’m better seeing the reality of overeating and how “normal” it can feel.   And I’m better seeing my emotional eating. 

I failed yesterday and gave into emotional eating.  After a stressful day, I couldn’t bear cooking and just wanted to treat myself. I ate 3 pieces of very combination pizzas.  I accept it.  I will have to burn to catch up on my deficit.

So the lesson today though is optimizing the use of this tool, my BodyBugg.  This morning, I slept in due to a bad night, cooked breakfast (2 eggs, 2 pieces rye, eliminating the extra calories from the tortilla and mayo I had the day before (egg salad sandwich is great for convenience when on the road at 430am).  And so, after a morning snack I’ve taken in about 650 calories before lunch and burned 1092, so I see my additional 400 calorie burn to my 1000 deficit if I stick to 1700 calories.

I worry about becoming obsessive over the food details, and thereby indulging in my self criticism (which my personal trainers over the years have helped me recognize and I’ve been working to change).  But I’ll just have to find a balance.

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