With a goal of 170lbs, I have 101 lbs to lose.  I must lose 2lbs a week on average to do this by this time next year.  That means, no excuses.  I must do the plan, live the math (calories in/calories out).  So I have to remind myself why I want this and those wants have to be big enough to sustain me.

  • I want to see life from the perspective of someone who is fit.  I have been chubby to fat my whole life.  I don’t know thin-ness.
  • I want to be active and not have weight limiting me. (Recently I went rock wall climbing and couldn’t do the last few feet.  Besides my fear of heights, I was trying to move 100 extra pounds straight up a wall.)
  • I want to be healthy.  I don’t want the diseases obesity can bring on (diabetes, cancer, etc.).  I also know that more weight loss would ease certain issues I have right now (chronic pulled gluteus medius; patella femoral syndrome).
  • I want to be perceived as normal.  Right now I get the “You’re not fat” from some, contrasted with the looks from others who think I’m a whale.  I want to never feel that disparaging look from others of being abnormal again.
  • I want to provide a healthy body for a baby to grow.  Right now, I do not have a partner, but am contemplating conception and parenting with a gay friend.  I need to be as healthy as possible to make this happen.
  • I want to encourage a romantic life.  Course this means I have to get rid of my emotional walls (that’s another topic altogether), but I do want to rid myself of my physical one.  Nothing says Stay Away more than fat.
  • I would love to become a personal trainer.  Maybe it would be a part-time job, maybe a career change.  But while I’ve had many in my gym find me motivational, no one will hire a PT who is this overweight….

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