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Boxing Sunday


harder combinations


Single leg planks, each side


Am setting my BodyBugg up right now

I will follow it to a T.

It has me at macros of 20% protein/20% fat/60% carb and a goal weight of 180 for 15% bodyfat (athlete ~14%).  I am prepared to pursue lower carb if this doesn’t work, but I will give it 3 months to show me what’s working….

It actually suggests my goal will be October 2010.

Oooh, Cool

“You can use the BodyBugg without tracking your food. You can just enter a whatever at however many calories you want to enter or the Bugg will know by your weight each week how many calories you have eaten.”

That will ease me up a bit on being OCD over my intake.  And it will be a good way to counter the times I fail to log my food.  I think I will spend the first week not changing anything so I can evaluate my reality.

I Haven’t Started Yet

Yesterday, my mom got diagnosed with diabetes.  I am in shock for her…and for myself.  I know now I have no choice but to go further to prevent the same health consequence.

But I admit, I am having a free for all until I get my BodyBugg.  Not smart.

My plan

Be in a deficit of at least 1000 calories a day.  That means:


BMR 1956-500=1456 intake


Burn 500 day

Currently, I workout 75-105 minutes a day 4-6 days a week.  Estimated caloric burn from activity has averaged 900/day, but we’ll see what the BodyBugg says about that.  And I have done a lousy job of making best food choices.  Hoping the tool gives me the impetus to do better….

Bodybugg arrives Friday night.

Today’s Workout

Trained with K.  Legs day.


15m elliptical lev 10/resistance 1,5, 10, 5, 1


  • stepper, lunges, using bodybar for balance, go deep
  • 15-25lb weights side lunges 10 reps into squats 10 reps, each side
  • Freemotion arms low, squat 27.5 and pull back, elbow up, each side
  • Stability ball, half crossed leg, butt dips, each side 


With a goal of 170lbs, I have 101 lbs to lose.  I must lose 2lbs a week on average to do this by this time next year.  That means, no excuses.  I must do the plan, live the math (calories in/calories out).  So I have to remind myself why I want this and those wants have to be big enough to sustain me.

  • I want to see life from the perspective of someone who is fit.  I have been chubby to fat my whole life.  I don’t know thin-ness.
  • I want to be active and not have weight limiting me. (Recently I went rock wall climbing and couldn’t do the last few feet.  Besides my fear of heights, I was trying to move 100 extra pounds straight up a wall.)
  • I want to be healthy.  I don’t want the diseases obesity can bring on (diabetes, cancer, etc.).  I also know that more weight loss would ease certain issues I have right now (chronic pulled gluteus medius; patella femoral syndrome).
  • I want to be perceived as normal.  Right now I get the “You’re not fat” from some, contrasted with the looks from others who think I’m a whale.  I want to never feel that disparaging look from others of being abnormal again.
  • I want to provide a healthy body for a baby to grow.  Right now, I do not have a partner, but am contemplating conception and parenting with a gay friend.  I need to be as healthy as possible to make this happen.
  • I want to encourage a romantic life.  Course this means I have to get rid of my emotional walls (that’s another topic altogether), but I do want to rid myself of my physical one.  Nothing says Stay Away more than fat.
  • I would love to become a personal trainer.  Maybe it would be a part-time job, maybe a career change.  But while I’ve had many in my gym find me motivational, no one will hire a PT who is this overweight….

A new start

Journey along with me as I lose 100 more pounds in the next year.

Highest weight ~345
Lowest recent dieting weight 263
Current weight 271
Goal weight 170

I have a goal…to lose 101 lbs by December 1, 2010 (or sooner) if possible.  Hence the name Fat Free Me 12/10 ; )

I started on yet another a weight loss journey 2 years ago at 320.  But before that I had been at an all time high of somewhere around 345 (my guess).  I started LA Weight Loss at 332, got to 270 and then ballooned first to 293 then back up to 320.  When I started to think I needed surgery, I ended up pursuing the only other thing I had not yet tried–joining a gym.  I hired a personal trainer and with exercise have become awesomely fit (there’s a reason I’m a size 14/16 at this weight) and lost the weight I did lose.

But I’ve lost my mojo and it’s time for a new start.  I have been journaling in a notebook responses to questions Bob Harper poses in his book “Are You Ready…”  I have been replanning my diet approach.  I have been assessing my problem areas.  I have even ordered a BodyBugg set to arrive this week.  The one thing I don’t have to get in order is my training.  I train with an awesome trainer and have been with her for a year and a half.  (K is young, 21, and I often remind her that I’m twice her age trying to be her.  I so admire how she naturally is adept at all things physical.  I admire her courage and ability.)

My goal? A realistic 170 (a possible 145).  But it’s more than just the pounds. I’ll get to that shortly in a post about my motivation.  Deserves it’s own post, don’tcha think?

(A word about my goal weight.  I am extremely muscular, so while the charts might suggest 145-150 at my height, I am allowing for the natural inclination based on my muscularity to determine my goal.  We’ll see what happens the closer I get to the number.)