Last session with my trainer

Hard to let her go, but time.  My heart breaks a little, but must embrace what comes next.


Legs and shoulders

  • Squat with 30lb dumbbells, feet raised on half cushion
  • Side lunge arm down to opposite leg, drag foot in, each side
  • On toes, lunge forward, arms in the air bend forward, stay on toes, next leg (struggle, needs improvement)
  • Squat with ball catch, heavy black ball


  • 10lb dumbbells, front raise, side raise
  • seated freemotion machine, sitting forward should raise
  • freemotion tricep machine, raise elbows high
  • 10lb dumbbells, raise up row out

Thinking it’s time I get certified.

Did I just write that?


Tuesday session

  • squat with 25lb  and press up at center of body overhead
  • holding 25lb slide side lunge side to side
  • overhead with 90 on squat machine
  • single leg squat on bench with toe raise
  • squat and riase/swing medicine ball
  • alternating lunge walk back with medicine ball

15 m swim

10 m interval elliptical

Thursday and Friday

Thursday did Chest session solo.  Friday, did my trainer’s boot camp.

Tuesday Session



  • Freemotion, seated on ball to prevent “rocking”, high alternating crossovers
  • Machine, high meet with palms down, low meet with palms turned inward, 30lb
  • Stability ball pushups, if fail, continue in modified
  • Stability ball 10lb chest flies, laying down on ball (keep position low over chest
  • Double stability ball modified position chest flies
  • Legs up, situp with band
  • Legs up, situp with 3lb low meet palms up
  • Planks

30 m elliptical

30m swim

Sunday session

Began a fat fast, eggs and meat and fat and <1500c.  So not hungry : ).

Legs 3/10-15

  • Single leg squats with 15lb curls, each side
  • Walking lunges with bicep curl
  • Side lunge with crossover curl, 12lb, each side
  • Bicep half curls (check placement of elbows), and hold
  • Squat with feet together, then one out, together, one out, staying low

20 minutes cardio (walk, run)

Legs, Shoulders, Abs

Legs, 3/12

  • Step up box with bodybar overhead and knee tuck (failed, uncooperative knee)
  • Split squats with bodybar overhead
  • Lunge (over mat to expand my range, 12lb dumbbell lateral raise
  • Red band standing on, squat with hands holding it at shoulders
  • kettleball squat and raise, tossing to opposite hand (both sides count as 1)


Shoulders, 3/12

  • red band crossed pull up rows
  • bodybar front raises
  • 12lb dumbbell bent arm side raises

Abs, 3/10

  • leg raises
  • full body tucks
  • straight leg crunches with hands clasped
  • side planks

Thursday session

Legs, 3/15

  • Small box, single leg squats, each side
  • Side lunge with 20lb bicep curl, each side
  • Freemotion, squat with overhead press
  • plie squats with 85lb dumbbell
  • single leg press with 2 45lb plates
  • 2 25lb plates, squat and swing, fast

Biceps, Triceps, Abs 3/12

  • half curls low, hold
  • half curls high, hold, 15lbs
  • hammer curls, hold, 15lbs
  • bent over flies, 15lbs
  • skullcrushers with 30lbs
  • straight leg sit ups with 30lbs
  • vleg sit ups with 1 10lb dumbbell, each side
  • vsit situps

30m elliptical

Tuesday session

  • 12lb plan position rows
  • 8lb alternating front raise, into…
  • 8lb alternating side riase, into
  • 8lb bent over alternating raise, into
  • 12lb alternating overhead press


  • Freemotion, standing crossover pulldowns, one foot forward, 27 lbs?
  • Freemotion seated back cross over pull down rows (machine arms high and in, @35lbs each)
  • bent over rows 35lbs each side\


  • sit ups, legs in V, 10lb overhead sit up, each side
  • vsit with light medicine ball, when to the side straighten legs

15m elliptical, 30m swim

Sunday Session

chest and arms

3 sets 15 reps

  • military pushups with feet together hands on 20lb dumbbells
  • bench press with 65 chest then stomach and repeat
  • standing wide grip pulldowns using silver bar for straight wrists @ 3
  • high chest flies
  • bent over tricep extension on cables
  • 1/2 bicep curl low, 1/2 bicep curl high, bicep curl out, hammer curl with 12 lb dumbbells

15 minute treadmill

30m swim/breaststroke

Friday session

Legs and Shoulders

legs 3/10-15

  • 18lb bodybar, hold overhead, straight arms, lunge and twist, each side
  • 18lb bodybar, squat, bar below knees into overhead snap
  • 18lb bodybar, single leg squat, toe tap side and forward, each leg
  • 18lb bodybar, side lunge and drag, each side

Shoulders 4/10

  • 10lb dumbbells row up and out 10x, then reverse direction, right into
  • hold dumbbells overhead and alternate pumping raise, right into
  • bent over flies, alternating sides

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